Sometimes I feel like I miss Barcelona

There was a deer in our street this morning. Given the size, it was either young or a munjac. I don’t know what it was doing in our street because it bolted when I opened the front door to leave for the gym. It was on the other side of the road, a few doors down and it flashed by on its way back to the sanctuary of the park.

For a split second I thought it was a loose dog which was why I tried to see it clearly as it headed up the steps. It wasn’t a dog, it was definitely a deer. (It also wasn’t a giant hare.)

By the time I’d flapped my way up to the park, any sign of the deer had vanished. There were people but none of them appeared to have seen anything out of the ordinary. I exchanged the normal good mornings and continued on my way.

And, apart from quite a chill breeze, the day was reasonable. No rain, no chance of rain and a smidge of sun every now and then. The wind meant I was forced into wearing my beanie but otherwise, I didn’t even zip up my fleece.

I’ve started watching a new Spanish TV programme at the gym. It’s called Hache and is set in Barcelona in 1965. While it deals with the somewhat unsavoury side of the heroin trade, it occasionally features glimpses of the Barcelona I remember from previous visits.

For instance in today’s episode a character was left on the steps of the ‘Sant Pau’ and, shortly afterwards, we saw the main character (Hache) walking across this courtyard:

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau – 30 Jan 2017

There was also a lovely interior shot of her walking up the stairs of the building I was standing in to take the above photograph. It’s such an amazing place that once seen I don’t think it’s easily forgotten. I felt a bit ‘homesick’ for Barcelona.

Still, there was to be no real Spanish travel for me today. I have a haircut on Friday so I had to dye my hair today.

The other day Mirinda said that my hair has started getting a bit too light, something I agree with, so this time I went a shade (or three) darker. Actually I went for light brown rather than dark blonde. This is a fine colour distinction that is actually beyond me however, it does make a difference. I didn’t take a before shot but this is how it looked afterwards.

Light brown overhead selfie

It looks like it has reddish highlights but that’s because I’m standing directly beneath the ceiling lantern. Whatever, I think it’s a bit more ‘natural’ than what it was earlier in the day.

The rest of the day was spent in organising. I organised the flooring. I organised some information for Mirinda. But most important, I organised the update for our blog software. This always takes me ages because I have to go through the steps for the php back-up first.

Then there’s the hesitancy before releasing the upgrade. I have to have a good stiff drink before finally committing to the irreversible mouse click.

Still, it was done and soon back up and running with all the new features that the new version entails. Not a full version mind you but not just a bug fix either.

Selfie in a copse

The other day on Twitter there was a photo of a young girl and her first pair of glasses. She was utterly miserable and her mother had posted the photo in order to get glasses wearers to give her a bit of spectacle love. There were some great selfies and positive assurances from people all over the world. It was a great reaction and I hope the little girl was eventually cheered.

It made me think of my glasses, which I love, particularly the cool blue tinge they adopt in some lighting conditions. I know the little girl will be fine, eventually, because we all adapt to the need for glasses and then feel naked without them. Or blind. Or VERY short sighted.

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