The Talking Newspaper monthly magazine hasn’t been recorded in eight months. March was the last one and it’s a shame. The magazine is generally more interesting, more in-depth, more historical in content. The last magazine I recorded was way back in December 2019.

Having Zoomed last week with Ann and Charles, today was the day we’d chosen and, at 11:20, I hopped on to the sound app we use and chatted to Charles about the weather.

Here, in Stockholm, the weather had been beautiful first thing – all blue skies and crispy – but that had changed to all grey skies by the time I talked to Charles. He reported that Farnham was pretty much all grey as well.

By the time we finished recording, the weather in Stockholm was once more blue and crispy. By dinner time, it was pouring with rain.

Eventually Ann joined us meaning we could stop the small talk.

There followed the usual organisational stuff around the tracks. This has happened every time I have recorded the magazine. It doesn’t matter who the presenter is, they all seem to have a mental block when it comes to recording the track listing. Ann had me in stitches with today’s efforts.

The actual recording session went well (I did make a couple of mistakes and my voice vanished at one point) and was very enjoyable. Most enjoyable were Ann’s anecdotes.

For instance…Her husband met the queen once and Ann related the story about how, camera in hand, she snapped away like a mad thing only to find, when they got back home, that her husband hadn’t loaded any film in the camera. All she managed to get was the official photo of the queen signing the visitor’s book with her husband’s pen.

I do love reading with Ann. There’s very little effort required to sound entertaining and it’s never a chore.

I’m rostered on for the newspaper this week, so I’ll be introducing my own magazine session. Poor listeners will get a double dose of Gaz this week.

Meanwhile, as I recorded, my two loyal fans slept at my feet.

Mind you, the only reason they were with me was because Mirinda had locked them out of the lounge area while she was on work calls.

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