Four years and still not finished

It’s been ten weeks and the puppies are getting a bit unruly. Or, rather, their hair is. Mirinda reckons that the moment they start looking cute, I race them up to Kate and she shears them within less than an inch of their lives. This is an exaggeration. Besides, I love the way they look once their transformation has occurred.

So, rather than heading for the gym, I headed into the park, turning right instead of left and went on up the hill.

There is a path under there

Shortly before we reached the park exit, Emma decided to have an FSI. While incredibly annoying (and I could have done without it being on her collar when I put the lead on her) at least they were heading for a bath anyway. Of course it was a bit yurky for poor Kate but she took it in her stride.

When she asked what an FSI was she then worked it out for herself, which I thought was rather clever. She also asked if I’d like her to deliver the girls back on completion. This I readily agreed to, obviously. Then, with a swish of departing tails, Kate took them away and I headed back down the hill and into town.

The Ranger’s House

The day was a bit misty, shrouding the world in a sort of grey broth with the occasional blob of life floating by like errant pieces of coloured meat. Mind you, for most of the walk I didn’t encounter anyone and it was almost as if there’d been some sort of apocalypse. Well, until I reached the top of Castle Street having navigated the Blind Bishop’s Steps.

I’d decided to walk across the cricket ground and around the castle for a change. It’s always nice emerging from within the canopy of trees and suddenly having your first glimpse of Farnham…if you ignore the cars.

A break in traffic

The combination of cars and Farnham reminds me that back on November 21, 2015, I noted that Swain and Jones had been cleared of cars ready for construction to begin on a small collection of new homes. Well, it’s now been four years and they are still not complete. I thought our extension took ages but this build has exceeded any expectations. I can only hope that the Woolmead, which has currently stopped any building work, is a bit quicker.

Being a little later than usual, I decided to risk Starbucks and managed to have a peaceful latte while chatting to Sam (doing uni homework) and Tom (doing work homework) two baristas on a day off. I didn’t mention the fact that most people didn’t go to their place of work when they weren’t working.

I reached home half an hour before Kate and the girls, both looking lovely.

I didn’t need a haircut!

Everything was all a bit too exciting for Freya because she wouldn’t stay still long enough for a photo which explains why only her front feet are visible in the above picture.

When Mirinda arrived home she was surprised by the delightful change in their appearances.

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