Another gouty day

Another sleep deprived night caused by the uric crystals in my right knee. After a complete lack of success in finding a position in which I was without pain, I got out of bed and went down to the lounge.

I figured that the only place where I’d felt no pain was with my leg on the small coffee table, stretched out while sitting on the lounge. Like in Premium Economy on the long haul to Oz. I figured I could turn this into a workable sleeping resolution. I was partly correct.

I managed a few fractured periods of snoozing but kept being woken up whenever I tried to move. Exactly like Premium Economy on the long haul to Oz.

So, having had very little sleep for the second night in a row, I spent the day sitting still, either on the lounge or at the dining table, leg wrapped in ice packs, drinking gallons of water and taking the occasional pain relief.

My view for most of the day

I did manage to get outside a few times. There was a bit of information gathering and scanning to do, which meant dragging my sad leg out to my office. I also took a couple of staggery strolls up to the greenhouse.

The weather was lovely all day. It was a pity I didn’t get to walk into town this morning, but that would have been impossible. I had to be content with just looking.

Mind you, I did sweep up the leaves. I didn’t gather them together and dump them in the leaf trap – that would have been impossible with an essentially non-bendable knee – but I did build a little wall around the edge of the terrace.

The thing about the leaves is that they are the only thing that makes the terrace slippery. Of course, it has to rain but the more stray leaves, the worse it is. And when you have a serious lack of balance, getting rid of them when it’s dry is a great idea.

And that was pretty much my day. I did a lot of WWI research, a fair bit of scanning and various other admin type stuff but, essentially, I’m just waiting for the uric crystals to dissolve so I can walk properly again.

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