I wasn’t going to blog today but I feel a bit lonely tonight and it is almost like I’m talking to someone by writing so…

My hairdresser told me today that he was almost a ten pound Pom. Like we were. His family were all on the boat. The rest of the huge family were on the dock waving frantically. His father suddenly changed his mind. They disembarked and he grew up in England instead. His father couldn’t stand to leave his family so far behind. Madness.

Here’s a before and after I went to see him.

The Brothers Grim

My dad is very ill in hospital at the moment and I’m too far away. All I can do is wait to hear. My thoughts are with him and my mum.

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2 Responses to Alone

  1. Mirinda says:

    Well that’s certainly an improvement – Josie texts that Fred is improving too and getting his memory back.

  2. Nictor says:

    Both Dawn and I are continuing to think of you and Mirinda and both of your families. Life’s crap at times, but fingers are crossed and our thoughts continue to be with you.

    I agree with Mirinda that shaving has been an improvement – but Dawn and I think your haircut is to short !!


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