The giant hare episode

A day of odd occurrences.

As I walked down the fairway at the back of the golf course this morning, I heard a cuckoo very close to me in a huge tree. It started as I drew near and didn’t stop it’s noise until I was quite a long way away. Very loud and clear, it was. Obviously warning the rest of the bird world about me. Or maybe the cuckoo was the lookout for an illegal still operation.

Then, a little distance away, a giant hare raced towards me – I was upwind. It was the size of an Alsation. Mirinda does not believe this. It saw me at the (almost) last moment and veered off. I’d stopped, wishing I’d had my camera with me. I figured it was off to an unbirthday party somewhere.

The third odd thing, however, has no possible explanation.

When my homeward train arrived in Woking this afternoon (it was a slam door train) all the doors in the first two carriages were suddenly and inexplicably, locked. The carriages were packed and lots of people were frantically trying to get out as, indeed, we were trying to do the opposite. Eventually the guard came along and unlocked each door individually. There was no explanation.

At work we had a departmental meeting regarding the new structure as well as the latest ‘at risk’ jobs. For starters, Chris has to apply for a managerial position which is one of three jobs for five people. After his level, it’ll be down to the nitty gritty – us.

Stevie was at Le Mans. Nicole was in the basement most of the day. The server is still down therefore I played Grand Theft Auto…a lot. Completed two more missions.

Made my mustard crusted salmon for dinner.

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