Technologically not so old it seems

I was listening to a podcast involving a young radio presenter talking about his parent’s lack of technological ability. He was talking about how they weren’t really up with the latest ‘stuff.’ Okay, he said, his dad had finally gone and bought an iPhone but he was struggling to use it effectively. He was completely bamboozled by emojis.

It had me thinking about the people at Talking News and their dislike of new tech. Most of them admit they dislike it because they don’t understand computers and don’t really want to. That’s what their grandchildren are for, they contend.

I always shake my head and chuckle given how much I depend on technology. Mind you, nearly everyone at Talking News is 20 years older than me so it’s understandable I guess.

During the podcast, the young radio presenter mentioned when his father was born, as if that would explain why he didn’t know how to use modern equipment. He was born in 1954 so, of course, he wouldn’t know how to use a smartphone.

What?” I exploded at my bluetooth speaker upon which I was listening to the podcast from my phone. “He’s only a year older than me!

So, either I’m an incredibly tech savvy old man or the young radio presenter is out of touch with who is actually out of touch. Apart from his dad, of course. He is clearly out of touch.

‘Out of touch’ reminds me of a guy I see in Neros every morning. He always has his latte in a takeaway cup and sits inside and drinks it while doing work. I do wonder why. How on earth a takeaway cup is preferable to a china mug I can’t possible understand. And how anyone is unaware of how bad takeaway coffee cups are for the environment is beyond me.

Apropos of nothing above, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. I would love to know who all the people are who want to access the construction traffic.

If you want to look at a truck, go somewhere else

Yet another sign of the dumbing down of the language. Pun intended.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Lit LOLAnd you are so not out of touch! That’s my role.


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