Posts of Christmas Past

Every year (well, since 2016 anyway) on Boxing Day, we read through our previous Christmas Days. It reminds us of people and places, of meals and happiness, of love. It is an ever growing moment each year to reflect on how things have changed. That’s why this page is here.

Oh, and it’s to make it easier for me to find the posts.

2022 – God bless ye merry weather men – Farnham

2021 – Saint Delia’s most excellent schedule – Farnham

2020 – End of seasons – Vendelsö

2019 – An unexpected glass of pleasure – Florence

2018 – TurkeyPigsy – Farnham

2017 – Many courses – Florence

2016 – Next Christmas… – Farnham

2015 – A diotoro – Budapest

2014 – Missing Dad – Farnham

2013 – Psychoanalyse this! – Vienna

2012 – Christmas on the beach – Burleigh Heads

2011 – Merry English Christmas – Prague

2010 – Talk of the town – Caloundra

2009 – Calendar mistakes – Farnham

2008, 2007 and 2006 were the years I kept neither journal nor blog, therefore there are no records of how we spent Christmas…sadly. One thing is for sure, we didn’t go away.

2005 – Tariq? – Haslemere

2004 – Another Haslemere Christmas – Haslemere

2003 – Haslemere Christmas – Haslemere

2002 – Buon natale! – Tuscany

2001 – Folly Hill Christmas – Folly Hill

2000 – We were in Kastelruth with Bob and Claire. I remember Christmas Eve going to Midnight mass and when we came out the snow started so that by Christmas morning, the place was full of snow. It was stunning. We went for a walk and it was magical.

1999 – Christmas Day was spent at Aldershot with Farelli and our first UK Christmas tree who we called Tubby because it was round and squat rather than tall.

1998 – Unfortunately our most memorable and possibly worst Christmas Day was our first in the UK. This was the infamous Trip to the Lakes.

Mirinda was sick, the weather was awful and we signed on to a bus trip for people without people to spend Christmas with. There was one woman on the bus who took great delight in reading EVERY SINGLE SIGN we passed. We still mention her.

On the day itself, the food was mediocre and the entertainment consisted of the guy who played saxophone on Baker Street.

I really wish I’d kept a journal back then because it would have made a brilliant post.