Behind the hedge

While we’d been planning to take a week out for ages, we’d dithered about what to do and where to do it. There was a generally acceptable plan to spend the week crammed into Mirinda’s flat. I could go to uni and we’d see London. But somehow this plan was supplanted and, sometime last weekend, we decided to try the Cotswolds. An acceptable cottage was found and booked, the poodles booked into the kennel and some quick research carried out on Gloucestershire. I should state right here at the off that we THOUGHT we were going to the Cotswolds. The cottage we chose CLAIMED to be in the Cotswolds. It wasn’t. In fact, it still isn’t in the Cotswolds. It’s the Vale of Severn, Forest of Dean on Pope’s Hill. Still, enough of that shilly shally doodling and on with the holiday…

There had been horrendous floods in Cumbria. The worst rain for a thousand years (according to the newspapers). Fortunately the cottage we’ve hired is on a hill. Pope’s Hill to be exact, named not after the pontiff but after one Mary Pope who stayed at Flaxley Abbey and would walk up the hill every day. Her visit to the abbey was meant to be for a fortnight but she stayed for 40 years. I’m not sure if it was against her will. Apparently she had something to do with funding some renovations at the Abbey in the 18th century but my lousy PC is too slow in bringing up the information so we’ll just leave it at that!

Rose Cottage, Pope's Hill, Forest of Dean

As we drove closer and, therefore, further north, the rain managed to grow harder, the sun went down and we were eventually plunged into darkness. The directions were amazingly detailed and, pretty accurate. Only one problem: “…look for a brown house ahead of you behind a hedge.” This was very tricky without light. We drove right by the turning at this direction. No problem though, we quickly realised our mistake and retraced our tracks.

Talk about big! The cottage can sleep six and would be very comfortable. Much bigger than our house. That’s pretty normal for Hideaway cottages, I have to say. And the TV is good. A set top box gives us all the Freeview channels and the reception is pretty good. There’s also a DVD player but given our last attempt at DVD watching, I’ll wait and see on this one.

We had some lovely M&S lamb shanks and Mirinda went to bed while I watched Chelsea thrash Wolves 5-0 on Match of the Day before going to bed myself.

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