Snowed in and shoeless

Life is pretty dull when you can’t put your shoes on, and your house is surrounded by gravel. Though, this morning, I’m not sure that I would have walked outside in bare feet even if we weren’t surrounded by gravel.

That’s snow. It snowed sometime in the night. Okay, it’s not a lot of snow, but it’s quite early. I have no idea if that means we’ll have a white Christmas or not. Hopefully it does; I say that for Denise’s sake as well as our own.

So, of course, I did stuff around the house.

Harald was supposed to return this morning to finish off a few things, but he phoned in sick. We think it may have been too cold yesterday, and now he has a chill. Either that, or he just didn’t want to drive over in the snow.

Mirinda had an issue with her MacBook at one stage. Her emails were not leaving. It was very frustrating. She took the girls for a walk around Mount Trosa while I fixed it. Apparently, Apple has the ability to turn off email distribution for its own reasons, and without telling the user. I found the ‘on’ switch, and her emails were sent off.

She also had a board meeting, after which, she went shopping at the Systembolaget.

I managed to scan a lot of documents as well as do a lot of laundry. For dinner, I made steak, ratatouille and peas, which was declared delicious. We also started series five of The Crown.

Life doesn’t get a lot more exciting than that.


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