We are a pair of Australians living and working in the UK. We’ve been here since 1989 and still loving it. Actually, to be strictly accurate, I was born in London but grew up (from 5 years of age) in Australia. Mirinda is the result of good convict stock and 100% Australian. To be even more accurate, I should add that I’m presently playing at being a uni student so am not, strictly speaking, working. Though I am most certainly living.

2019 update

I haven’t been in paid work since for ages. These days I volunteer. I also look after the house while my world beating wife does amazing things. And I write this blog. Every day.

2020 update

As the UK steadily made its way towards Brexit, we decided it would be good to be in the EU at the end of the year. That way, we reasoned, we could get residency in another country. Ideally, we would have chosen France but, as the pandemic spread, we decided that Sweden was the perfect EU destination for us.

So in October 2020, as the Lockdown was lifted in the UK, we packed the car and, along with the dogs, headed for Sweden.

Then, of course, there was the second Lockdown in Britain and borders closing all over Europe. So we stayed in Sweden. And we fell in love with it.

We eventually returned to Britain in July 2021 where we settled back into life in Farnham just waiting for our next big adventure.

5 Responses to US

  1. Fiona says:

    Gary, goodluck with your next stollen!! Love FI, Merry Christmas.xx

  2. Slenderman says:

    Hi Gary, enjoying reading your blog! Mum’s going to read the whole website when things have settled down a bit, it may be a while…
    …And didn’t Jason say not to post a picture of us? That wasn’t my good side! Lots of Love, your Slender-friend, Lauren! \(^-^)/

  3. admin says:

    Good! Let your mum know she just might want to check out tonight’s entry (after I’ve written it) as she just might figure in it…I shall say no more.

    May the eternal pebble always rest smoothly in your hand.
    Slender don’t frighten me!

  4. Slenderman says:

    Wow, that was a quick reply! o-o’
    And sure, I just told her – she’ll be watching *-*
    I miss the eternal pebble… say hi to him for me! (…or her!) And what do you mean? Of course Slender will frighten you >:D
    Goodnight for now! And don’t forget to add me on Skype ^-^

  5. Fiona Hassell says:

    Hi Gaz, just so you know I do read your blog!! Jason says hi and take care of the immortal pebble!! Love Fi. xx Buddy sends a big smooch. xx

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