Speaking in percentages

I have made new year’s resolutions in the past and, I think, I have a 100% record for not keeping them. For that reason, I’m not that sure I should write anything about a new one. Still, why not? By the time the resolution is broken, this post will be as forgotten as music in Afghanistan.

So, we have decided to drop meat and/or fish from two meals each week. In other words, we are having two vegetarian meals out of every seven. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly because we feel it’s good for us but, secondly, because it makes economic sense.

I keep a running total of how much we spend on groceries each week, broken down into categories such as Fruit & Veg, Meat, Fish, Cheese, etc and, the largest percentage cost each day is given over to meat.

In November, for instance, Meat made up 12% of our daily grocery spent and Fish was 8%. Fruit & Veg, on the other hand, was just 7%. It will be interesting to see how that changes for the month of January.

I spent a lot of time today, scouring through my plethora of recipe books, looking for delicious vegetarian options. Sabrina Ghayour‘s Bazaar was very profitable as was Motay Ottolenghi‘s Plenty More, a book that Sharon gave me when they were last over, visiting.

I’m quite excited about this new culinary direction and looking forward to creating a change in kitchen direction.

In the meanwhilst, tonight was not a vegetarian night. Instead, we indulged in Lamb Messina style which combines two of my great loves: lamb chops and red wine.

I could never go full-on vegetarian.

By the way, our Cheese consumption is at 4% which is probably pretty high but non-negotiable.

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