Big smile and a cheap dress

For the final day of 2021, the weather gods saw fit to bless us with some blue sky. While the clouds were there at the start and, half hour before I went shopping, the rain was pouring down, this turned into a very fine drizzly rain before stopping altogether. Then, unexpectedly and unrecognisably, this happened:

Mirinda took advantage of it and headed up to Hankley with the girls while I washed things and did general housework and admin tasks.

On one of my walks by my office, I noticed a disturbing sight.

As well as the almost constant rain and leaden sky, we’ve also had it unseasonably warm. This is happening more often as the planet adjusts to the awful shit we’re doing to it. The evidence for a warming planet is obvious when you see the daffodils starting to appear on December 31.

A lovely thought to end the year on. So let’s not. Instead…

Being New Year’s Eve, we were booked into the Chesil for the annual taster menu. Obviously we missed out last year (being in Sweden) and we were determined to make up for it tonight.

I booked before the menu was decided. We knew the food would be excellent, so who cares what we were going to eat? When the menu was decided, I was emailed with the tasty news. It all looked delicious.

This image is of the menu transcribed by me because we didn’t have one at the table for me to photograph as I usually do.

Anyway, our booking was for 9pm so we got our glad rags on (I was in my suit, and, as usual, I’m amazed that it still fits) and headed out.

The night was not clear. There was misty rain all the way, on and off at least, between Farnham and Winchester. Not that it bothers Max at all. We parked up and headed down to the restaurant, where we were greeted by a woman who recognised us to the extent that she showed us to, what she called, our usual table.

While the food was superb and the various glasses of wine I indulged in were excellent, I have to say that a highlight of the night was our waitress. She had the biggest smile and was great fun. At one point she told us her dress had not been that expensive, which was an odd thing to throw into a conversation.

And I missed the perfect comeback. I should have said that she looked a million dollars. Mind you, I did manage to get a reaction when I told her I didn’t like the crab. In my defence, I have never liked crab. Even so, I did eat it.

Something I did like (apart from the lamb which was very, very good) was the caramel slice with clotted cream ice cream. Not too sweet, it was the perfect dessert.

Then, of course, we finished with a cheese course.

And then there was a sudden thrum of activity as the clock ticked around to 2022. Everyone wished everyone else a happy new year. Except for our smiling waitress, who seemed to have vanished. I was ready to slip her a grateful note of monetary satisfaction, but she never returned.

We paid and wandered out into the night, back to the car park and drove Max home, to a frightened Emma (fireworks) and sleepy Freya (Freya).

A splendid night, as usual. The Chesil does a great NYE dinner.

Then, as a start to the new year, I watched a stupid waste of money on Netflix. It was the worst zombie movie I could find. I loved it, it was so bad. It’s called Day of the Dead: Bloodline. As an indication of how bad it is, here’s a link to some reviews. As one reviewer puts it: “If Zombies are out for brains, they will not find a lot here.

I didn’t get to bed until 3am. I might be old, but I’ve still got it.

Though I might need a grandpa nap tomorrow…

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