My special Lucozade

Today was the return match between Aldershot Town Football Club and Woking Football Club. Following the awful game on Boxing Day, we hoped for something a little better; a bit more exciting perhaps; no red card and some decent referee decisions. Well, we certainly got some of that.

Nicktor picked me up at about midday and, accompanied by James, Alice and Joe, we headed for Woking where we met Biggsy in the small car park outside the Old Wokingians Football Club which they had opened specifically for the thirsty, hungry Aldershot fans. There was also heaps of very handy parking.

(Note that I was going to link to the Old Wokingian’s website, but the link isn’t working.)

We spent a little while at the clubhouse, drinking and eating, then headed for the Woking ground.

In previous years, the barrier at one end of the ground has been destroyed by Aldershot fans. It was probably accidental the first time but subsequently, a lot of the fans saw it as a challenge. For this reason, security is generally pretty tight. To that end, we had to wear wristbands. I’m not sure how wristbands were supposed to prevent the destruction of the barrier but, somehow they worked.

Mind you, while Woking knew how many people were attending – pre-booking a ticket was the only way in – they didn’t have enough wristbands for everyone. People who arrived after us were all proudly displaying their naked wrists. I was astonished that no-one was jealous of our adornments.

Possibly a greater annoyance than the wristbands was the confiscation of umbrellas. Particularly Nicktor’s. While it was a freebie from an old client, he felt aggrieved. He was definitely upset when the rain started as we stood on the terrace with no shelter above our heads. Though his mood plummeted even further when we spotted a Woking fan across the pitch from us with an umbrella.

Not that the rain lasted very long, and didn’t really make anyone very wet. In fact, not long after the rain, the sun came out, drenching the vocal Woking fans behind the goal. This sudden sunshine encouraged them to sing louder with a lot more swearing.

And they had every reason to. Although both teams came out of the blocks fiery and determined, Woking scored quickly and, at half-time, the score was 1-0.

Things were a bit quiet in our terrace as we dissected the first half display. There was also a fair bit of chat around the umbrella confiscation. A man in front of me proudly said that, while he was frisked down like the rest of us, the security guards had missed his three Lucozade bottles secreted throughout his voluminous jacket. He assured us it wasn’t Lucozade. He claimed that everyone who knew him knew about his ‘special Lucozade’.

Soon enough, the players returned to the pitch.

And I don’t know what the manager said to them but one minute into the second half, the Shots equalized. It looked like game on.

Then the referee started making odd decisions. Every man around me was equal in his condemnation. I’m sure no-one was biased at all. And, to be fair, the referee also penalised Woking in equal amounts of bad decisions.

Then, for reasons known only to the referee he awarded Woking a penalty. We were too far away but were assured by everyone else who was also too far away that it was not a penalty. Mind you, the Woking fans, who did have a clear view, were convinced it was. Who knows. All I know is that the goal went in and Woking took the lead again.

This whole, sorry paragraph was repeated a short while later at the other end. In a repeat of the Boxing Day game, our penalty also went in, and the score was 2-2.

Our fans could see a win approaching as we pushed towards their goal, attacking relentlessly. (That might be a slight exaggeration.)

After the 90 minutes, the fourth official held up his board with the number seven blazing out across the ground. Needlessly, the tannoy said there would be an extra seven minutes which was mostly caused by the referee holding up play during the Aldershot penalty.

Woking fans started leaving, clearly under the impression that it was all going to end in a draw. Then, six minutes later, Aldershot scored a winner and the Shots fans went insane. 3-2 and a glorious win for the away team. There was a lot of very loud singing and taunting of the Woking fans but they’d mostly all gone and missed it.

We were a happy bunch that headed back to the little car park for the trip home. The best performance by an Aldershot team that I’ve seen in quite a while.

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