Need a loo?

Being a Friday and with the gradual return to life in the Normal Lane, I spent most of it researching soldiers. Mirinda, also grasping the mettle of work, spent most of the day on the phone. She has a big week coming up so she took full advantage of home comforts. She also talked her throat dry.

Given it was a day swamped in the ordinary, there’s not a lot to include in this post however, we did have an interesting delivery in our street first thing.

It was at 07:00 and still dark. I was about to leave for the shops, putting my fleece and gloves on, when I looked out the side window. There, being incredibly quiet, was a chap delivering a porta-loo.

A considerate delivery

I thought Mr & Mrs Sandals had finished with their bathroom but, it seems, that’s not the case. (I was tempted to crop out the street light in the photo above but I thought it looked moon-like, giving the scene a sort of ethereal look.)

Apart from not thinking about the Harry and Meghan issue, that was pretty much it for today. Obviously I had the usual company.

I think she looks oddly intelligent in the photo above. This is not the usual situation for Freya. Emma, on the other hand, was still moping around, looking utterly miserable.

She has at least another week of her season before she snaps out of this morose phase. Both of us will be very glad when she does.

In passing, I see that Sydney has responded to their fool of a federal government by having a march through the city. While it’s always good to let your government know how you feel I can’t help but be a bit cynical about how effective this kind of thing is, particularly given how much change was affected here in London with the marches.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Freya does look astonishingly smart. Maybe she could run Australia. She’s very pro organic.


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