Knitting pouches for koalas

It was a glorious morning today. This was reversed in the early afternoon with torrential rain but, for the pre-lunch part of the day, it was gorgeous.

In fact, it was so gorgeous that Mirinda took the girls for an early walk. Given the afternoon rain, this was a very good idea. The thing is, she didn’t tell me.

I was in my office talking to mum and, after hanging up, I went inside to be greeted by…no-one. The house was empty. The door to the library was open and was also empty. Max wasn’t in the drive. Obviously they’d gone for a walk.

It was about this time that I realised I had a text message telling me they’d gone for a walk. I replied that I was heading out for the Talking Newspaper.

Gorgeous morning

And what fun we had. My readers were Dame Elizabeth, Christine and David S. Apart from poor David being a bit poorly, the rest of us had a ball. I think Dame E has had her hearing aid fixed because she could hear everything. For a change. She can be very funny.

One story that had us all in stitches (pun intended) was about a charity that is knitting stuff for the Australian wildlife. Christine informed us that this charity was making ‘pouches for koalas’. When she asked me about it I told her (and the listeners) that koalas used them to keep their small change in.

I have since discovered that it is an international thing and it’s actually pouches for joeys and mittens for koalas…which makes a lot more sense. Not that that was the only odd thing in the paper this week. For instance, is it just me or does this photo look like a kid putting her head through a toilet seat?

Ignore the cross through it. That’s my editing.

The whole session was gloriously funny and I can only hope there’ll be no complaints given it was for Alton and Bordon. There was a big editing issue when I decided to choke uncontrollably halfway through the list of 42 deaths but otherwise it was excellent.

Not so excellent (for me) was the unexpected news that Victoria is leaving Starbucks. She’s leaving to work at Treloars in Alton. A ‘real job’ as I called it then hastily corrected myself. It made me think about how many baristas I’ve seen come and go through the years and how you just expect them to always be there.

It made me rather sad. That’s possibly why I popped into the Plough on the way home for a pint of Whitstable.

I’ve never been to the Plough before. It’s a lovely pub. I was going to pop into the Jolly Sailor but it was closed. Their loss was the Ploughs gain.

Prick of the Week

It seems that every time I walk to the Talking Newspaper studio some one parks half on the footpath and half on the road. This causes inconvenience to everyone, something I think must be intentional. Therefore I have decided to include this new section.

And here is this week’s prick.

The van not the pedestrian

It’s funny how van drivers think that putting their hazard lights on makes it okay. The thing is, the cars can’t pass and it’s difficult for pedestrians. Gallagher doesn’t care about either. Clearly.

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