Not much happened today

Mirinda returned to guitar class today. She then had her usual Holly Bush brunch before coming home and working on her next blog post. I haven’t talked much about her blog because it’s to do with her research and work.

That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s brilliant. Of course I do. But the connection between our two blogs is a bit hazy.

In fact, quite a bit of time this afternoon was spent working out how to embed something in her blog. It was a bit of a learning curve for me as well. Always a good thing.

I, of course, didn’t have guitar and set off, trolley trundling behind me, to shop. I visited Starbucks (it being a Saturday) then headed for Waitrose to shop for both days.

Mirinda is going to be spending all week at the flat so I gave her a choice of dinners. She wanted Lo-Carb Taco Night for tonight and Pork with Green Butter for Sunday roast. This means more stuff than I can easily carry so the trolley was employed.

Actually, I get a lot of comments about my trolley. Positive comments that is.

Wicker trolley

I bought it years ago following a rather unfortunate accident with a plastic bag which precipitated the need to buy an emergency hand truck to transport my shopping home.

(I’ve tried to find the original posts – for shopping incident and trolley purchase – but have had no luck. They are there somewhere.)

The hand truck sits in the laundry and is very handy for moving heavy pots around the terrace. It wasn’t a waste but as a shopping trolley it is somewhat inadequate.

Foldable hand truck

Mirinda thought the idea of a trolley was excellent but it had to be a better one than the boring ordinary rectangular ones. I was happy to investigate something a bit more attractive.

I found the wicker trolley in Cornwall via a website. It has proven to be a boon for big shops and chat starting. It’s been a boon for ages.

Speaking of ages…I noticed today that it was exactly two years ago that I first met Kirsty at Surrey History Centre. It’s odd how time works sometimes. It feels like I’ve known her a lot longer than two years. Mind you, that might be because of Kirsty Miller on The Archers. I’ve definitely known her for much longer than two years. And they are easily confused.

Annabelle Dowler as Kirsty Miller. Image from BBC Archers website
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  1. Mirinda says:

    That’s a cool trolley – and those old square ones are definitely not cool.


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