A hero of mine

I was listening to the wonderful Robert Reed this morning. He has a podcast/YouTube channel called Gin and Truth which I love watching while working out. Because I’m working out in the extension, Mirinda often hears me crack up laughing. This is Robert’s fault. I dare say he’s not for everyone, but I find him very funny. Though, don’t get me wrong, his subjects are not funny. But he has a delightfully refreshing way of expressing himself.

I also find him an amazingly compassionate, generous and kind man.

A while ago, Robert came home to find a skinny, blind almost deaf and toothless dog outside his house. He took him in and called him Buddy. Since giving Buddy love and a home, I have seen him grow into Robert’s constant companion. And the love is returned.

In fact, Robert has two other dogs, Le Papa and El Bubba, and they both love Buddy as well. As Robert has said on Twitter, they are his Buddy Guards.

The funny thing is that I only know of Robert because I corrected his grammar back in August 2019. He used that odd American expression ‘I could care less’ when he meant he couldn’t care less. Being the annoying pedant I am and astounded that intelligent people could say such an unintelligent thing, I pulled him up on it. And talk about gracious! His response was: ‘I’m all about correction. If I’m wrong I want to know about it.’

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t mind being corrected, particularly on social media. Unlike a lot of the people he talks about. The ones that don’t so much correct as harangue and try to force their beliefs down his throat.

In fact, ironically, it would be fair to say that the Christians that criticise him seem unaware of how ‘Christian’ he really is. Not in a religious, belief in an invisible friend, nonsense kind of way but in attitude and moral compass.

I would love to meet Robert one day and share a couple of drinks with him, talk shit about religion and eat steak. It’s a shame he lives in Texas. Fortunately though, I can keep in touch via Twitter.

I hope he doesn’t mind me including a ‘stolen’ photo of Buddy in this post, but we love him in this house.


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