A very unhappy goat

I realised this morning that I haven’t mentioned the Ashes test series currently underway in Australia. Following this morning’s Oz win, Australia is now 3-0 in the five match series. Among some amazing figures, the debut of Scott Boland was extraordinary. He finished the Boxing Day test with figures of 4 overs, 1 maiden, 7 runs for 6 wickets. That is amazing at any time but on your debut? Brilliant.

On Sunday, Nicktor seemed to think that I swing between Australia and England when it comes to my support. He even went so far as to call me a glory hunter. I told him that when it’s England v Australia, I’m always Australian as witnessed at various cricket trips where I was heckled mercilessly for wearing an Australian cricket shirt amid a sea of England support. On the other hand, if England play anyone else, I’m an England fan.

Nicktor gave a wry smile and said that I couldn’t actually be a glory hunter given I support Aldershot. An excellent point, well made.

Apart from that, today was mostly about filling out another bloody questionnaire. It will never cease to amaze me how people ask for screeds of information and, after you’ve supplied them with it all, they then send you a questionnaire asking for it all over again. It really gets up my goat! And the goat isn’t happy, either.

Still, needs must. And, at least I know the answers.

By the end of the day, I was ready to make sausage rolls with some of the remaining turkey and the puff pastry block I bought yesterday. I minced the meat, added an onion and an egg to bind it all, then spread it down the centre of the pastry with cranberry sauce on top. I folded the pastry over, chilled it then cut it into four. Voila! Sausage rolls. Very tasty and I made enough to freeze half for later.

Mirinda said they were excellent.

Another excellent thing today was the prompt service I received from Siva who works for the company that hosts this blog.

First thing this morning, I couldn’t access the blog or upload stuff so I first tried going in via the host but, for some reason, that wasn’t working either. I emailed them, explaining the situation. Not only were they prompt with a response, they then fixed it in less than two hours.

We’ve been with Host Department for almost 20 years and have not only had very few problems but, when we do, their responses are always fast and their fixes quick. I would happily recommend them to anyone who needs a bit of reliable hosting.

Note that I was not paid to say that.

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