Munching on the little folk

This morning, on my way back from Farnham, I met Lynn from St Mawes on the path. We chatted momentarily about Andrew and how much he’s changed over the years. She then restarted her walk with a wary look at the sky. She doesn’t like rain. I told her not to worry, it wasn’t going to rain. She’d be fine.

As I left the park at our road, the rain started. And it was pretty much wet for the rest of the day with gale force winds pushing big black clouds full of water across the sky.

It was a good job Mirinda didn’t have her management team meeting in the extension today. When the rain is torrential, you can’t hear anything over the noise on the ceiling lantern. I did spend a bit of time working at the dining table, enjoying the weather through the big windows. Now that’s how to enjoy the rain.

I tried to get a photo of the rain. My effort is not indicative of the ferocity.

Speaking of photos, I was chatting to the check out woman today in Waitrose, and she was telling me about her father. He was a photographer and, as a child he’d drag her and her brother out to Winkworth Arboretum every Autumn in order for him to take photos of the changing colours.

She also said that he worked for a while in the UAE and was appalled at the wastefulness borne of their oil wealth. He told her that when the batteries went flat in their Walkmans, rather than buying new batteries, they’d throw the entire thing away and buy a new one. It does occur to me that perhaps it was because they didn’t know how to change the batteries or even that, maybe, they didn’t realise you could change them. It does rather encapsulate the careless destruction of the climate by the fossil fuel industry.

While in Waitrose, and prior to the chat, I came across two tiny pumpkins. They had been named Munchkins. I’m assuming the name was used because Munchkins are small and ‘munch’ is foodish. The thing is, Munchkins are ‘people who are notably small and often endearing‘ rather than tiny and edible.

Still, I’m not squeamish. I figured I could slice the heads off and stuff them with some nice things before baking them in the oven. I made the ham and cheese lined pork loin tonight and I thought it went well.

Mirinda enjoyed her Munchkin and you can’t really ask for more than that.

Today’s latte art comes from Jay. And while the latte itself was as creamy and silky as it’s possible to be, I think Sandra did a prettier job on Monday.

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