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One year ago we first set foot in Sweden. It marked the beginning of an excellent nine month adventure. From beaches to islands, from cardamom buns to raka, it was one big period of discovery and joy. It’s fair to say that I miss Sweden.

We were going to mark the occasion with a meal out at Pulpo Negro. Unfortunately, the popular tapas place is closed on a Tuesday. We are, therefore, going on Thursday night instead.

So, rather than enjoying a bit of Spanish delight, I knocked up a frittata using the leftover chicken from yesterday as a base. It wasn’t the only egg based dish I made today. Mirinda is having Sarah and Ian over for a management meeting tomorrow, so I made a lo-carb quiché as well.

Normally I would have made it tomorrow, but I’d arranged to take the girls to Kate for a haircut in the morning. Then, late on, Kate messaged me to say that her daughter had tested positive on a lateral flow test, meaning she’d have to have a PCR test first thing in the morning. Hopefully they’ll all be fine, but it may mean a rather lengthy postponement if the family has to go into isolation.

Speaking of the girls, they had an appointment at the vet today for their yearly booster shots. It’s been a while since our last trip down the lane, but they were eager to head off.

As soon as entered the vets, Freya’s eagerness vanished, to be replaced by shivering and shaking. I don’t know why. She’s an odd dog. Emma, by comparison, sat happily and patiently, watching the people and pets coming and going.

It was the same during their examinations and shots: Freya shaking, Emma chilled. Though they were both overjoyed to head back home after it was all over.

Mirinda had book group today and arrived home about ten minutes after us. Emma gave her usual greeting, but I think Freya was telling Mirinda about the awful time she’d had with me. I think she’d have had something to complain about if she knew that the vet and I had been discussing the possibility of having her spayed.

Today also marked the day that we finally took part n the Ancestry DNA project. I sent off our spit samples and registered them, ready to find out where we came from. Mirinda is hoping for a Viking heritage, while I’m looking at Rome.

So, a pretty busy day which started with an excellent coffee, beautifully created by Sandra.

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