Return to the black squid

Last September marked the last time we visited Pulpo Negro in Alresford. We’d eaten there many times post-Lockdown when every Thursday was Date Night as the restaurants slowly re-opened. Then, of course, we went to Sweden, eventually discovering the wonderful Hairy Pig which, sort of, took over as our favourite non-celebration restaurant.

Given we wanted to celebrate our arrival in Sweden this week, obviously I booked Pulpo Negro. It was good to see that it is still thriving, given how difficult it was to find a table. Still, I persevered and tonight we went.

I’d spent most of the day working on this week’s Talking Newspaper so I was more than ready for a load of delicious tapas.

I had Robert reading with me today. Usually it’s a bit of an effort getting him to loosen up but today, for some reason, he was more chatty than usual. It made the session so much more enjoyable.

The recording went very well with only a couple of edits for Charles to fix and he had it live just gone 6pm, which is excellent.

Mirinda had a Town Hall, which also went very well so, by the time we left the house for dinner, we were both more than ready for the feast. And a feast we definitely had.

There were old favourites on the menu like the violet artichoke hearts and the gambas in garlic sauce.

There were also quite a few new ones. Of course, they may have only been new to us given it’s over a year since we were last there. Still, new is new and it’s only right that we try the new dishes.

So, to that end, we ordered the intriguing BBQ carrots.

As we expected, they were delicious. In fact, everything was delicious. Even the waiter who made me a mean espresso martini, which finished everything off perfectly.

It’s good to see that Pulpo Negro is still going strong – the place was noisy and packed tonight – and I hope it’ll be the same with The Hairy Pig when we return to Stockholm.

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