Birds aplenty

All very quiet today, except in the garden. So, I moved the bird feeder closer to the back door just so I could assure Mirinda that all the birds were getting their fair share of food. Mind you, this green finch was pretty serious and determined. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like his photo being taken.

You lookin' at me?

I didn’t go to work today out of deference for my sore and sorry wrist. My main concern was keeping it free from accidental collisions on account of me being invisible. It was bad enough when I had the cast. I’d just crawl away and die if anyone bashed into it now.

So, the day was spent actively engaged in housework, dog walking and the usual trip to Waitrose where Julie told me off for doing too much and interrupting the healing process. That’s all well and good but I enjoy having a clean house and Carmen can’t quite reach the ornaments though Day-z is a dab hand at straightening the lounge covers.

The park was strangely empty except for a small puppy that looked suspiciously like a young miniature poodle and her owner. As we approached each other, the girls suddenly became quite interested (maybe they remembered their childhood selves). I was about to open a conversation so I could find out what the puppy was when a sudden white blur flashed between and the puppy took off after it.

The blur materialised into a very boisterous Labrador which had a lovely old time tumbling the puppy all over the place. At this stage the girls decided not to get involved so we turned off to avoid the wrestling match that was going on. We did find out the puppy’s name though. It was Molly.

And just to show it’s not all green finches around here…here’s a gold finch.

Why, hello there!

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  1. mum cook says:

    WOW Fancy being able to get that close I know you have a zoom but it is as if I could put my hand out and touch them lovely pictures. love mum


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