Team meeting two

Today, Mirinda hosted another management meeting at the house. This week, amid the wild winds, it was Sarah and Ian. And, because of the wild winds and almost solid grey sky, they didn’t need to don hats to sit at the dining table.

It’s been over a year since I last saw Sarah. It was a very warm greeting. It made me more determined to have her and Nick over for lunch sometime soon. In fact, to that end, later, in the evening, Mirinda managed to send off an invitation for one of the middle weekends of November. My fingers are crossed. Actually, at one point all the November weekends were free then, in the space of about ten minutes, two had gone.

So, anyway, I spent most of the day in my office while they batted ideas back and forth. Well, apart from having lunch together. And they did take the girls for a bit of fresh air to the castle and back while I washed up*.

My quiché worked well and was met with universal approval, even with a burnt crust. I included stuffed baby peppers, which I think everyone liked. Well, they ate them, anyway. And Ian told us about his sister-in-law’s habit of leaving used tea bags on teaspoons, which made for an entertaining lunchtime break.

Of course, I was supposed to take the girls up to Kate for a haircut this morning, but her daughter had to have a PCR test this morning. Sadly, it came back positive, so it’s isolation for them all. Kate is furious. Having locked themselves away for almost two years, her daughter picked it up at school.

Fortunately, she and her husband are ‘double jabbed’ as she called it, so they are protected. And her daughter’s symptoms seem minor, so all should be okay. I hope so, anyway.

One thing I realised as I wrote this: Kate had a much more exciting day today than I did.

* Actually, I just rinsed things and put them in the dishwasher.

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