I knew you were trouble when you walked in, sang Taylor Swift as I entered Starbucks this morning. This had Sue in hysterics, even though she was up a ladder counting bags of coffee. She claimed it was my song. I thanked her very much, sat down and drank my perfectly creamy latte made expertly by Sam.

Sam generally makes excellent lattes, but today he outdid himself. This was remarkable because he was sleep-deprived. He’d worked in Starbucks over the weekend and was preparing a presentation for uni. He admitted to me that sleep had not been able to fit into the agenda.

I wished him luck with his presentation which was going to happen shortly after his shift ended. I gave him a piece of advice from my presentation days: “The secret to a successful presentation, Sam, is to make them laugh.”

There weren’t a lot of laughs at home today. Mirinda had a very important, very stressful, very annoying spreadsheet to prepare with less than a moment’s notice. This means joy was rare. Which was a shame because today the guys from Swish Fibre came over to connect us up to super fast broadband.

We’ve been having problems with our connection through BT and Swish promised speeds of up to 900 mps. It was worth the switch. It took a few hours in the Library and outside, but the three guys were excellent. And, by the end of the day, our connections were blazing hot.

Of course, I now have to rewire everything (TV, Sonos, my office) because half the house is still on the old connection, but that shouldn’t take too long. Suffice it to say that the laptops and phones are undeniably fast.

Contrawise, the girls had a slow old day. Mirinda took them for a walk around the block after the sun went down but, basically, they spent the day listening to the goings on in the Library.

Still, by the end of the day, as we sat down to watch some Swedish TV, Emma jumped up into her new comfort place – the cushion repository that once was a recliner.

This has become her new spot so we have renamed her The Cushion Princess.

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