More chairs

Our new dining chairs arrived today. They are red and very comfortable. As everyone keeps saying, there may be a bit of a fight over who sits on them at Christmas.

For the royal buttness

A couple of stories I heard today:

Silvi is a barista at Starbucks and she’s pregnant. She had a pretty hard time through the morning sickness phase and then was beset with mood swings. Now, just as she’s started to level out a bit, her husband comes home from work and tells her he has to go to China for four weeks and has to leave in two days time.

She was not best pleased. As she explained to Chantelle, had she not been expecting, she’d have just gone out partying every night but because she is, it means she’ll be the sad old pregnant woman stuck at home. Alone. With an empty glass.

We both felt very sorry for her.

One of the regular women who serves me at Waitrose and is pleasant, is called Sue. She served me today and told me how she needed to buy a new front door (she asked about our extension). I asked her why. She then told me that she and her husband have a rental property with a tenant who has been living there for 23 years.

He was an elderly single man who was never any problem. And then, suddenly, he died. He was in the house at the time.

The police were called by a concerned neighbour and, when they turned up, the police were forced to knock the door down in order to get to him. Clearly he wasn’t going to answer their knocking. And so now, Sue and her husband have to get a new door as the present one has been hammered into the frame to make the property secure. At present they’re forced to access the house by the back door.

That’s a problem one doesn’t normally think about when they rent out a property.

Back at the house, I had another go at making the ma’amoul pastries (yesterday’s failed attempt wound up in the bin) and they worked beautifully……


While they were (are still) delicious, it was only after I realised I’d sprinkled them with corn flour instead of icing sugar once they were cool enough. When Mirinda tasted one she said they were much better but could still be sweeter. I tasted one and agreed.

It wasn’t until I was making dinner and reached for the corn flour, that I realised my mistake. I quickly dusted the pastries off and re-dusted them, this time with icing sugar. Mirinda was much happier with the taste and pronounced them infinitely better. Stupid Gaz.

And you’d think that everything would be fine wouldn’t you? But, as I always say (quoting Joe Orton) “Just when you least expect it, the unexpected always happens.”

Poor Day-z started going a bit mad. Her ears were bothering her (she acted as if something was buzzing in there, trying to get out through her head) and she was in quite a bit of discomfort. I quickly took her up to the emergency, 24 hour vet.

The vet said she has a secondary infection from her stress rash and she’ll need it looked at in some depth and while under sedation. She told me to come back to the vet in the morning and see about getting something done urgently. She then gave Day-z a shot of something quite powerful and clearly fun.

The rest of the night was spent nursing her as she went on a drug induced trip to canine drug heaven. A pretty rotten end to the day.

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  1. hat says:

    Yes I do like the new chairs, will look lovely when you have all of them. Poor Day-z hope she is feeling better today. Love and Dad xx

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