Naked Jenny Agutter

The statistics I use for this blog give me all sorts of interesting information. One of them is what people have searched for in order to find me. Generally these are quite loose search terms like ‘househusband’, ‘Elphicks Christmas’, ‘naked jenny agutter’ etc but occasionally they really make me laugh. Today, for instance, someone put this into a search engine: ‘panel beaters in st. brieuc, france’ and, if you use Google, my blog comes up 4th in the hit list. It links to our trip to Brittany here where I talk about the rotten traffic around St Brieuc. Clearly the person searching was after something a little more concrete in finding a panel beater than my caustic comments on traffic conditions!

Anyway, today I was off for my monthly chat to the hard of seeing. We had a jolly fun time although the weather could have been better. I’m pretty sick of all this rain, though am thankful we don’t live in Cornwall. Last time we visited, we stayed near Lostwithiel, an ancient capitol. We thought it was lovely. It’s not so lovely today as a lot of it was under water.

When I tape the talking newspaper, I pass an old brewery called the Lion Brewery. And I realised today, I’d never taken a photo of it. While it WAS raining at the time, the clouds had thinned out slightly and, suddenly, it wasn’t as dull as it had been most of the day, and I managed to get a reasonable shot of it.

The Lion Brewery, Farnham

Apparently, the Lion Brewery is a grade II listed building. It was built in the 19th century and has been listed since 1972. It closed in the 1930s when it was taken over by Courage in Alton. It’s now an off-licence which sells some excellent local beers. I think it looks really cute and it’s a shame it no longer brews.

We have a few sets of almshouses in Farnham. I think I’ve included a photo of the ones in Castle Street but there’s two more down West Street, just passed the brewery. Sadly it was too dark and gloomy to get a shot of them. Maybe next time.

In fact, to give you an idea of how gloomy Farnham was today, this is a shot taken down Bear Lane on my way to the Talking Newspaper.

Gloominess in Bear Lane

I was only joking about ‘naked jenny agutter’ but now I’ve added it to my blog, it will be interesting if I ever get anyone searching for it!

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2 Responses to Naked Jenny Agutter

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I agree it is a shame when all these old places shut down but at least the brewery is being used and not left for kids to wreck. Bear lane is gloomy,where on earth did it get its name I wonder?
    Love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Good question – I have never thought about it before. It looks utterly horrible – like the end of the world in some sci fi movie. Is that Tom Cruise I see in the shadows????


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