Perfectly splendid

I went shopping in mini-blizzards today. I was hauling my trolley down to the bus stop when it started, covering me in snow while the wind whipped around me. As I sat, wet and dripping on the bus, the blizzard stopped. Then, on the way home from the bus stop, it started again, reducing visibility (a bit) and getting me all wet again.

Of course, I didn’t mind. My wind-proof, water-proof raincoat works very well as far as my t-shirts are concerned and wearing thin tracksuit pants under my jeans kept my legs warm and dry. Apart from my clothing, it wasn’t that cold. Just wet.

As the above photo shows, it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to settle. Though the wind chill was…well, pretty chilly. And the temperature dropped to below zero when we went out to dinner. Which meant some slower than normal driving by Mirinda in order to avoid the ice.

Tonight, we decided to go to Toscanini’s again. I wanted to go to Spiv and Vin, but they are closed until next week. Mirinda found a supposed tapas place, but we decided to save that for later. And, as it turned out, our meals at Toscanini’s were excellent.

Interestingly, our waitress had an intriguing tattoo on her neck. As I described it to Mirinda who didn’t have her glasses on, it resembled flood depth markings.

Not an actual photo of her neck

She found out we were Australian and asked if we were from Sydney. She told us she was going to Sydney next November and was excited. Hopefully, Australia will be open by then. Though it might be virus ravaged by then.

The meal was, as the waitress said, “Perfectly splendid!” in her flawless English. In particular my tiramisu was divine. Moist and not too sweet, exactly as tiramisu should be. It went down especially well with a glass of Limoncello.

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