A memory of chipolatas

When I look back on the first day of 2021, I’m sure I’ll want to know what I did to welcome in the new year. I’m sure the expectation of a glorious day spent indulging in all sorts of pleasurable activities will be uppermost in my mind. I’m sure the day would have been full of joy.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint myself. For the first day of 2021, I ploughed my way through a mountain of laundry which continued to grow after Mirinda returned from a two hour, mud ridden walk in the forest.

I guess there is a joy in the decimation of a pile of dirty clothes and the arrangement of clean ones but, like a lot of household things, the pile is never long invisible. By the end of the day, it begins to grow again.

The above makes it sound like I didn’t leave the house. I almost didn’t.

I thought Mirinda would be a bit exhausted after her watery traipse along the waterfall tracks of the forest. So, I was a bit surprised when she suggested we take our usual constitutional before dinner.

It felt good to get out, even if it was only around the block.

Back at home, of course, I then made dinner – a pork steak bake thing with some crunchy kale. Tasty but not a patch on the chipolatas that Joseph gave us on Wednesday and which we had last night. A dozen of them.

Very gamey and, I think, full of wild boar. They were delicious. I like to think he hunted, killed, prepared, minced and stuffed the sausage skins himself. I know he made them, but I’m not sure if he shot the actual pig.

The memory of the chipolatas conjures up the memory of the meal we had at The Hairy Pig on Wednesday. It was rather remiss of me not to include details of my main meal. So, of course, I’ll do so now.

I had the Hairy Pig Board which included, wild boar sausage in a brioche bun with truffle mayo dressing, wild boar meatballs and peppercorn sauce, and a reindeer taco. And this is what it looked like:

Bloody brilliant.

But, enough writing about the delights of last Wednesday and back to the laundry. It just never ends.

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