There’s no joy in my abdomen

I was still not well today (though better than yesterday) so I didn’t go shopping. I managed to empty the washing basket, retrieved the same dry washing exactly 30 seconds before it rained and ate dinner. Other than that it was all a bit sedentary. With lots of the aforementioned loo stops in between.

It’s the gallons of water I’m drinking. In case it is a kidney stone that is disturbing my abdomen, I’ve decided to just keep drinking water (I realise there’s a gout benefit there as well). The downside (or possibly upside) of that is the almost constant need to go to the loo.

So far the only obvious difference seems to be that the invader feels as if it is moving south. I guess that’s a good thing.

I did manage to do some fragmented housework between bouts of rest and toilet and I also managed to make and eat dinner. Not lunch though. Mirinda often has an OMAD on work days and, given my ‘problem’ I decided to copy her.

(For those unaware, OMAD stands for One Meal A Day and helps improve metabolism. It is a small level intermittent fasting regime and highly recommended for improved health.)

So, dinner was whatever I happened to have in the freezer and vegetable crisper.

I found some old veal and told Mirinda I’d do something with it. Of course, that wasn’t good enough for Mirinda. She wanted schnitzel Holstein (without the sardines and using coconut flour rather than breadcrumbs). Obviously, I was more than happy with that. Except for the lack of sardines.

After a rummage I discovered a cauliflower and some veg bits and pieces. I announced I was creating a very unmatched meal of international proportions.

Along with the German schnitzel Holstein, I made some Syrian roasted cauliflower and some of my (not) famed Gazzatooee (which is very loosely based on the French ratatouille).

Interestingly, each component was lovely but they didn’t really go together very well.


I remember Mirinda bemoaning the fact that the Californian poppies weren’t doing anything, that they appeared to just be overly green. Well, that’s simply not the case any more. In fact, they are taking over the raised bed and starting to lay claims on the path.

Actually, the entire garden is looking beautiful at the moment. Not neat and tidy beautiful, you understand. More very English cottage garden beautiful. We love it.

One thing in particular we love is the self seeded wild carrot. It’s just gone mad. It was originally meant to remain in the Wildflower Patch but has broken its bounds and is just growing in all manner of places.

Fortunately, we don’t mind.

Here’s the head of one growing up beside Holly Arch.

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