Ah, Hankley. It’s been so long. You are the ideal cure for being overseas too long. And the poodles agree.


It was a glorious day today and just perfect for going to Hankley for a walk. Very few people, lots of blue sky, spread across the horizon like a painted canvas…just what you need.

We went before lunch, taking advantage of the weather (clouds had been predicted for late on) and worked up a virtuous appetite. We watched a couple of episodes of The Mentalist and then Mirinda declared, we needed to go to Elstead Lighting for a couple of lamps.

Elstead Lighting is not in Elstead. It was once, but then, in 1972, it moved to Alton. Clearly the name was known and respected, so changing it would have not been the best idea.

According to Mirinda, they make the perfect lamps for the Blue Room and, as it turned out, they do.

Their shop is huge and full of lights of every shape and colour to suit every taste from None to Lots. Over two floors, lights blaze through their extensive plate glass windows.

We were a bit concerned how difficult they would be to find. But, like a lighthouse on a small pinnacle of rock, they guided us into their car park from a great distance.

The two chaps serving, while perfectly reasonable and pleasant, were a bit like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Not to look at, I hasten to add, but to listen to. They ‘Tweedle-squabbled’ over just about everything. (Tweedle-squabbled is a word I’ve just made up, which sums them up perfectly.)

Eventually, we purchased our two perfect lamps, shades and bulbs. At first I was concerned that the massive boxes wouldn’t fit in the car.

The outer boxes were easily twice the size of the lamps. Tweedledee told us it was because they might end up being sent to Dubai and needed the packaging to ensure safe passage. I didn’t mention it but it seems to me that’s fine if they’re going to Dubai but the company would save a lot on packaging if they only packed them when they KNEW the lamp was going to Dubai.

It turned out that the big box was three quarters full of air (in little plastic bags) and the lamp base in a small box of it’s own.

This was a minor inconvenience for me (though a bigger inconvenience to the planet) and I soon had the lamps unpacked, put together and set up in the bedroom.


I think they look perfect.

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2 Responses to Lamps

  1. Mirinda says:

    They do!

  2. Yes you are right they do very nice.
    love mum x


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