Little feathered helper

Today I adapted some wooden garden edging. Mirinda wants a raised section in the Day-z bed and figured it would work. Ignoring the drizzle, I set myself up with the wheelbarrow, some tools and an umbrella.

The umbrella was to keep the electrics dry.

On Friday, the gardeners scattered seed and top soil over the grass. We used to have a big old plank which came in very handy for laying across the grass when necessary. A while back I decided the plank would make an excellent shelf for storing pots on. And it did. Of course, we now don’t have a plank to lay on the grass.

Mirinda came up with a brilliant solution. Using some of the old compost bin timber, she created a wooden path wide enough for me and the wheelbarrow. Perfect.

I used some old wood to create stakes and thumped them into the ground. I then screwed the stakes to the wooden edging. There was a sticky moment when the rain was heavy enough to force me into the greenhouse rather than face electrocution but, eventually, it was all finished. Now I just have to dig in a load of grit. That’s going to be difficult with a walking stick.

Mirinda was busy all morning on Skype so, after signing off, she thought we’d like to go into Farnham for coffee and a snack. I thought that was an excellent idea. So, we hitched up the girls and headed out.

We were going to try Starbucks, but it was very crowded. We then wandered down the Lion and Lamb Yard. We stopped outside Coffee Diem and were about to sit outside when a couple emerged from the depths and said there was a free table inside.

We then had the most delicious homemade sausage rolls I’ve had since making my own. Superb. Highly recommended. And the salted caramel sponge was pretty good as well. A lovely rare Sunday treat. The dogs even had treats, kindly supplied by the café. I do like a place that actively encourages dogs.

And, speaking of Sunday treats, this week’s roast was pork with green butter and, if I do say so myself, it was perfect.

I almost forgot, this was my little helper in the garden.

A squirrel ran across the fence while I worked and, as usual, I wondered if it was Fang from Lockdown. I like to think she’s doing well.

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