Happy birthday Emma-dora

I have no idea when Lockdown will end. Will the government suddenly say “That’s it!” or will we just gradually return to a normal world where we can come and go as we please? This is the 85th day of Lockdown in the UK.

Today marked the opening of non-essential shops. Over the weekend, our local council was busy widening footpaths by reducing the width of the roads. This was to entice people back into town while still maintaining social distancing.

I’d love to say that I was there to witness it but I can’t. The thing is, I was still feeling poorly and I didn’t go shopping. In fact I didn’t go into town. I was a pathetic bundle of hobbling old man. My abdomen was constantly letting me know.

My grumbles aside, today is important for a few other things as well. Firstly, 100 years ago today, Dame Nellie Melba sang live on the radio, the first singer of international renown to do so. That’s a great pub quiz question. (The song, by the way, was Home Sweet Home.)

Also, 805 years ago today, King John sealed the Magna Carta which guaranteed us certain freedoms that we were born with. The Great Charter of Liberty which appears to have been trampled on by the tiny coronavirus. What King John failed to do, a microscopic parasite has managed easily.

But, probably even more important than Magna Carta is that today was Emma’s 6th birthday. How quickly that time has flown by.

Back in 2014, amid the crazy end days of the extension, this little bundle of fluff and delight arrived in our home.

Apart from the joy she brought to us, she did immeasurable good for Day-z who had been suffering terrible grief at the loss of her sister.

These days, she’s a bit of a pest. I guess the fact that her father never shut up when we went to pick her up was enough to let us know how vocal she was going to be. What wasn’t apparent from either of her parents was her need to have bits of sticks (toothpicks, Mirinda calls them) thrown for her to retrieve.

Still, that’s a small price to pay for our Emma.

I should add here that she has never been an easy dog to photograph.

Apropos of nothing at all, I’d like to include this photograph of an amazing fuchsia that has recently bloomed in the garden.

It’s very low to the ground so I had to resort to a bee’s eye view.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Emma! Can’t believe you’re six already. Gaz, that beard is getting very…what’s the word…now. Hope you feel better soon x


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