Abject failure

Yet another crappy day, weather-wise. I think the weather gods are paying us back for the lack of rain in September and teaching Builder Dave a lesson about putting things off. Every time I look at the big sheets of black plastic on the step tops, I think about how it could so easily have been finished yonks ago.

Still, we made the best of it. Mirinda had her usual Skype with Bob and Fiona and I went shopping.

After lunch, we went to a furniture store in Ash Vale to look at their recliners and sofas. Mirinda had visited their store in Farnham and fallen in love with some of their furniture and wanted me to see them.

It seems that the store in Ash Vale caters for a much older and less modern clientelle. Because of this, the pieces she wanted me to see are not in their shop. Worse than that, they have a ‘carpark’ sale on Sunday’s so most of their customer carpark was taken up with dining tables, lounge suites and chairs. This meant we had to park on the main road, a bit of a walk from the shop.

Logically, I would have thought that the weekend would be their busiest time, given most furniture purchases are made when both members of a partnership would be available. These people would more often than not, drive and would need parking. I can just hear the general manager saying how this would be the perfect time to fill up their parking area. Particularly given there’s not a lot of off road parking in Ash Vale.

So, on the way back (Ash vale is only four miles away), we popped into the Farnham branch so I could see the options that Mirinda had fallen in love with. This emphasised what a complete waste of time going to Ash Vale was.

The lounge she likes is wonderful. I laid down on it and didn’t want to leave. Beautifully comfortable and long enough to fit the wall and my legs. The recliner was equally comfortable with the added benefit of having a swivel base. This makes it very easy for Mirinda to swing herself round to look at the garden rather than the TV if she wants.

Speaking of the TV…Mirinda discovered the other day that we can now access Netflix through our BT Vision subscription. This means we don’t need a new smart TV! We celebrated by watching the second Hunger Games film.

So, at the moment, the furniture list is a lot shorter than it was a few days ago. Now it’s just a matter of choosing the leather colour. It then takes about 14 weeks to get the furniture made and delivered. It’s not going to be a quick thing.

Back at home I started making some Middle Eastern sweet pastries. The fill (dates and walnuts) was perfect. The same cannot be said for the finished product. The little pastry cases were too thick and too bland. I know the problem and, because I have a lot of the filling left, will try again tomorrow.

We finished off the delicious almond fingers after dinner instead.

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  1. hat says:

    Had a look at Flike all your cakes wow you have a few on there now wish I could taste. They look delicious,
    love mum and dad xx


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