Old junk in the window

I thought I saw a lemur this morning. I was walking home from the shops, almost home, when I spotted a woman some distance away and a dark chocolate animal with a bright white fluffy tail and white face (not head). The animal was happily running around, just like a lemur. I have no idea whether the hair had been dyed or if it was naturally occurring colouring but it certainly looked like a lemur.

Actually I had a lot of canine interaction today. It was as if every dog in the park wanted to come up and say hello. Big, small, medium, they all needed a pat.

This was especially true of the little puppy. She is the newest addition to the park. I saw her a few days ago having one of her first walks outside her back garden. She can’t be more than a few months old.

Today she was up near Badger’s Copse when she suddenly spotted all the dogs coming to say hello to me. She suddenly took fright and, with a squeal of fear, she started racing towards home. Her owner was frantically clicking a training clicker but she wasn’t taking a blind bit of notice of it.

The trouble was the pack of dogs were between her and the safety of her house. Mind you, she’s so tiny that she reached the safety of her garden long after all the big dogs had gone. When she saw me, however, she raced back out of her garden to greet me and promptly sat on my feet. Emma does this. I think it’s some sort of security thing.

I used to be the Printer God but now I think, in the absence of technology, I’ve become the Dog God. It’s a lot better.

Sadly I’m not the God of Stealth Fires.

It’s reached the outside temperature point where it’s time to switch on the gas fire. I set the pilot light afire then tried the remote. It didn’t work. I assumed it was the 9 volt battery in the remote that was flat. Today I bought a new one and tried again.

Still nothing. It took me ages to work out that the little box that received the signal from the remote also used batteries (four AAs) and they were well dead. I replaced them and, voila, the fire sprang into life and all was well.


The title of this post refers to a small model of a Chinese junk in a window on Park Row. I’ve only seen it the last few days and it reminded me of the model boats in the Sir Frederick Maze Collection at the Science Museum – the ones I researched so long ago.

Except for the fact that it looks a bit sad and sorry. I think it could do with a bit of TLC.

Given it’s in someone’s front window, I thought it would be a bit rude to take a photograph so I didn’t. However, here’s a photo of St Mark’s Square in Venice instead. I feel quite sorry for the reporter however, it really illustrates what rising sea levels do.

Poor Sky News reporter

And, for anyone who hasn’t been to St Mark’s Square in Venice, here is what it looked like in 2011 when we went.

This was just before the Pope turned up
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