Guessing architectural changes

I’m not going to rant on about my wrist today except to say it’s quite swollen and looks like a rubber washing up glove that has had air pumped into it then been tied off like a balloon.

Last night I had an email from Bev – actually it was to both Dawn and me – saying she was coming to Farnham today for work and did we want to meet for coffee. Naturally I said yes straight away. Apart from the fact that I haven’t seen Bev for ages, it’s rare I get to meet someone in Farnham!

Bev is a buildings archaeologist. To give her her full title, she is a Conservation and Community Officer at the Council for British Archaeology. With just a look she can tell you when a building was built, who by and what they were wearing. She’s very good at what she does. Well, I think so.

She was in Farnham with a colleague, Susan, to determine what parts of a supposedly Georgian building are actually Georgian in order to allow or reject a planning application. The plan is a new restaurant which, if it goes ahead, could be very exciting for Mirinda and me. I can’t really be any more specific in case it jeopardises the application.

And so I went into town later than usual in order to meet them at 10:30. My phone rang as I started along the Borough. It was Bev. She’d popped out to move her car and had become hopelessly lost. I’m afraid the Farnham one-way system will do that.

She told me where she was – about 50 yards from me – and soon appeared at the kerb. I jumped in and directed her to a car park, as she told me about her long, lost multiple trips around the town. We then walked back to the building they were working in.

I was immediately put to work, holding the ranging pole as Bev wandered around taking photographs and filling in the appropriate forms. I was shown the restaurant plans (getting rather excited) and all the original information they’d gathered. It was all very interesting and we had great fun positing the proper governance of the skirting boards (among other things).

Here she is setting the camera up to get a shot of the windows:

Bev setting the camera

We popped up to Starbucks for a coffee and Bev thought it was quite funny that not only did I have a Starbucks card but also that they knew my order. I smiled with the knowledge that this merely indicates that we were in ‘my’ town.

I left them to it after a while and went shopping. It made for a lovely morning and took my mind off my wrist for a bit.

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  1. mum cook says:

    How nice that she got in touch with you, what about Dawn I take it she could not make it, shame. Bev looks very professional as she would being as it is her job.
    Hope your wrist is ok don’t like the sound of the swelling.
    love mum


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