Oak Cot

Every year, Mirinda plants up her winter pots. This year is no different and today we went to the garden centre to buy a whole load of pot plants to brighten up the terrace. I say it’s ‘no different’ except for the fact that because of the lack of light and a conference, I’ll be planting them tomorrow.

Forest Lodge

I always maintain that it’s Mirinda who does pots but that’s not to say I don’t have the essential potting ability. Tomorrow, while Gardener Dave and Sam clear away the rubbish, I’ll be planting up the winter pots.

I was given some pretty intensive and elaborate instructions regarding which plant and where and with what number John Innes. I even drew a plan of the terrace so I’d place everything exactly right, ready for the imminent Hassell arrival.

Having exhausted all the available sunlight, we then settled in for the night. This week’s roast was pork with green butter, which is always delicious. For a change I tried cauli mash (it features creme fraiche and butter) and it was very successful.

Possibly a bit more successful than whoever started to chisel out the name of one of the houses along Park Row. I’d never noticed it before but the whole place has recently been undergoing a lot of renovation, uncovering various original features. This is above the doorway and was clearly not finished before fixing it in place.

I love these sort of little details.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    ya me to I has Caule mash last week at that place we went to where the dinner was awful but the caule mash was great I ate Lorna’s as well she doesnt like it. love mum xxx


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