Cauli cheese

Today Andy from Sliderobes turned up and finished the job. I thought it would take about an hour but it was more like three. It looks fantastic. Half an hour after he’d gone, I had replaced all the DVDs.

Once the Green Room was free of everything extraneous, we could make a start clearing out the Old Rose Room which had started to look a bit like one of those back rooms in a junk shop…the one where everything goes that no-one wants. We need to get it sorted for Lauren.

We’d had a sort of unofficial plan to go through the 23 tons of notes and other largely unread paperwork residing in a number of plastic boxes but, in the after-event, Mirinda suggested that if we could find somewhere to hide them, we should. And, following on from years of a similar strategy, we did.

There were also a good few hours spent deciding which pictures to hang and where in the two rooms. The deliberation lasted long enough for the time to slip stealthily away so that Mirinda stopped and took the girls to Farnham Heath while I put the curtain pole and curtains back up in the Green Room following their abrupt removal some time ago by an inventively destructive Mirinda.

I’d had to fill a very big hole over the last week so I was a bit sheepish with the drill. But, after all was said and drilled, it worked a treat and the curtains were happily doing what they are supposed to do by the time Mirinda and the girls returned from their jaunt across the Surrey countryside.

And the weather was perfect for it: cold but a cloud free sky. Actually, there was a big frost this morning (given the absence of clouds) and the path into Farnham was as slippery as a thousand extra wide banana skins laid end to end. It forced me to walk home by the main road rather than risk it twice. The main road is not as nice as the park.

For dinner I made a rather delicious lo-card cauliflower cheese which was a big hit.

My new sous chef

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    I hope you have a great time with your vistor’s, that’s a great photo of you and Freya.
    love mum xxxx

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