Romantic chicken

Harry proposed to Meghan while they cooked a chicken which was only slightly more romantic than the way I proposed to Mirinda over the washing up. And that’s the only thing I’m likely to say about the upcoming royal wedding…there’ll be more than enough from other quarters.

Most of today was taken up with the garden. Gardener Dave (and Sam) and Rosie turned up nice and early and, after praising my fencing skills, set to removing the last of the rubbish and shed remains from up the back.

We had a pathetic bit of rainfall that was just enough to make everything wet and muddy. This impacted later when I had to give the terrace another bit of a Karcher-ing.

While Gardener Dave (and Sam) scrabbled about in the rubbish, I made a second brick platform in the Garden of One Thousand Yaps for the acer to sit on. Just before they left they popped both the big pots down onto the bricks.

Mirinda had to head off for a conference and had left me with some quite detailed instructions in what to move to where and why (I never need the why but she does insist). There was also quite a bit of planting advice.

Fortunately I’m the only one who needs to understand this

I worked away until it was time for the Big White Plastic Cupboard to be moved onto Rosie.

This was quite the operation calling for quite a bit of expert spatial awareness and inter-dimensional shift. Eventually all three of us (fortunately Mirinda had gone by this stage) were engaged in the shed eradication. But we managed it, the only casualty being a single branch on the rosemary near my office. My biggest fear had been for the newly planted lavender bed but it was expertly (and accidentally) avoided and remained unscathed.

It was with great delight that I waved goodbye to the monstrosity as it headed off to its final resting place in Leatherhead. It was with a sigh of resignation that I stared at the state of the terrace. Mud tracks made by boots, white sheds and bags of rubbish had reduced it to a very solid quagmire.

Anyway, stuff the extra clean-up duties, it was well worth it in order to reclaim a bit of garden never before seen. Eventually it will be the location of (probably) Mirinda’s greenhouse but for now it’s just a concrete slab surrounded by the accumulation of years of dirt and a cockerpoo.

Emma enjoying the slab

And Dave the Gardener left the fork you can see…or was it Sam?

There wasn’t a lot of time to rejoice as I had to head into town to buy a duvet and some pillows so that Jason can rest peacefully tomorrow night. I had strict orders to also buy towels but that was stretching my arms a little bit too far. The towels will have to be obtained tomorrow.

And with a great bit of fortune, Elphicks (our independent department store) was still in the throes of Black Friday madness (even though it was a Monday) meaning there was savings on just about everything. Not usually one to shop because of bargains, I was serendipitously overjoyed. Even so, it was a pain walking home with it all.

So much so that once home, I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee and a good sit down with my girls…well, two of them anyway.

The rest of the day was spent organising and dusting and repairing various bits and pieces upstairs and then rearranging things in the Library to compensate for an addition or two.

This, for instance, won an embroidery competition in 1910-ish put on by the Daily Mail (when it was a nice newspaper, presumably). It’s been waiting for me to fix. And, like Pa Kettle, I finally got around to it.

Needlepoint fairy

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Well what a lot of rushing about but at least you made it. pity it rained just when you didn’t want it. The garden is going to look great when finished. Love mum xxxx

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