Sort of very busy

It was very quiet at the gym today. After finishing my (almost) 12km ride I hopped off the bike to find only one other person behind me, running like a lunatic on a treadmill. It was also nice and empty while I worked out on the machines though people started to arrive as I finished up and headed for the shower. It’s always lovely almost having the place to myself.

I wasn’t so lucky at Starbucks. Rather than the usual table of mothers/fathers-who-drop-off-their-kids-then-have-a-coffee-together there was two. It was almost like a couple of competing armies as they sat in diagonally opposite corners. Fortunately, someone left just as I was ready to sit down so I had a table. It’s always a pain if I have to type up my blog with the hybrid on my lap.

Waitrose was also busier than usual but I guess this is the start of the Christmas Craziness. I managed to avoid too many collisions with badly trained trolley drivers. (I do wonder about the shoppers who leave their trolley then go to the shelves to pick what they want then return it to their trolley before heading off again. They do this in each aisle effectively blocking half the aisle and manage to walk three or four times as far as the normal shopper. I see no sense in it.)

Back at home I spent most of the day tidying up and moving stuff around in preparation for the Sliderobes guy who is supposed to be coming tomorrow to finish what he started. And, of course, we went for a walk.

There was a film crew from the Film School having some fun in the sun, clad in their hi-viz jackets and wandering around with all sorts of equipment.

Lights, camera, action!

At one stage Freya ran up to one of them, clearly thinking it was someone she knew. When he bent down to pat her she ran away. Stupid, anti-social dog. I apologised for her odd behaviour but the guy just laughed saying it happened all the time…which is just as weird as Freya’s reaction.

Speaking of Freya, the leaves are so deep in some parts of the park that she almost disappears beneath them. It’s fortunate she’s white because if Emma was to dive into a big pile of leaves, we might never find her again.

And the day was stunningly beautiful. After a morning that was a bit grey and full of a promise of damp, the sun came out and drenched everything in bright blue. The park was looking a delight.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    You didn’t say what they were filming daft Freya she could have become a film star dog rich and famous. its getting hot here already. love mum xxxxxxx


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