Skates on for natural history!

The weather certainly improved today. At least in London. According to the guy in Londis and the poodles, it rained in Farnham. It was all blue and shiny in South Kensington (maybe I should say ‘South Ken’ now I’ve been going there so long…I’ll have to ask Sophie).

I think the Natural History Museum is one of my favourite buildings in London, especially when the sun is out. I couldn’t resist taking this as I was walking back from buying my lunch.

Natural History Museum, London

I’m not sure if I’ve already said, but the ice rink is open outside the museum. There’s also a carousel and stalls. It looks very festive. It also attracts lots of families, which is lovely. They also have these child sized penguins for the little ones to learn to skate with. Sort of like buoyancy vests only on ice. It’s all very cute.

I took a shot with my phone for Mirinda, just to make her jealous. And then, it was so lovely, I took one with my camera.

Natural History Museum ice rink

If the weather is ok, I’m going to visit the Foundling Museum tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get a picture of the ice rink at Somerset House for a pair.

My mother will be very pleased to know that I had a shave tonight. I was a bit undecided halfway through. I then decided to leave it. I quite like the effect of looking clean shaven from one side and bristly the other.

Mmm, I'm not sure...should I? Or...

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  1. Mirinda says:

    OMG! I am clearly away! Seriously did you go to my work and see Amanda with that beard and long hair??? How embarrassing. I will be unable to return to the UK … ever ….

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