Compost removalist

The last big job we had Chris the Gardener in for was to move the stick pile. The reason we wanted it gone was in order to create a bit more space up the back for compost, a leaf trap and tool storage. The idea eventually being that Mirinda will have a greenhouse up there.

Given the weather and the usual decision making process (which moves rather slowly) I’ve only just started on the move.

So, after walking Mirinda to the station, doing the shopping then returning to the manic wolf pack (it’s the first time Freya has been left), I Skyped mum, had lunch then took them for a walk. Then, finally, I started on the compost.

I built the new one then mowed in order to start it off with some fresh grass cuttings. I then started moving compost from the old bins into the new one along with half a burn bin full of ashes.

Naturally, I didn’t finish but will continue tomorrow.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Good work was going to ask you about the bottom of the garden now I done have to.
    Love mum xx

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