More compost moving

And so, today it was back to the compost area of the garden following yesterday’s start. And a lot of progress was made.

As well as moving the bins, I also needed to move the cairn I built long ago for the Pixies and the rue which grows all over it. I feel a rather strong attachment to the rue. We bought it as a tiny seedling at the Rare Plants Sale held at Gilbert White’s House many years ago. It remained in the pot until we moved here and, after we’d decided to stay longer than a year, I planted it. And it has flourished.

I transplanted it to the Garden of One Thousand Yaps because it’s a shady bed and the rue seems to like a general lack of sun. Mind you, it also likes dry conditions so it may just die from too much damp. Fingers crossed then.

Interestingly it is the national herb of Lithuania. This is interesting because I had no idea that countries had national herbs. Traditionally brides wear a little crown made of rue. This is burnt after the wedding symbolising the end of maidenhood.

The rue is to the left of the bird bath.

The rue is to the left of the bird bath.

I also had a bright idea for the big chunks of builder’s waste that Chris found in the stick pile. (This waste was from the builders from the 1950’s and not ours from last year.) The area where the cairn was needed digging out (to get all the rocks) so I ended up with this big hole. I also need to level off the spot for the next compost bin for which I can use the excess dirt.

I filled the hole with the builders rubble then buried it with the fill. I thought this was a brilliant idea until I told Mirinda who claimed it will one day come back to bite me on the bum when we change the garden yet again and I try and dig it out. I told her I’ll remember because it’s now posted on the blog and steer clear of its location.

Anyway, Gary’s Stupidity aside, I was very happy with the results at the end of the day. I still have a way to go but at least it’s looking like something rather than a wasteland.

The builders waste is between the left corner of the compost bin and the pile of rocks.

The builders waste is between the left corner of the compost bin and the pile of rocks.

I reckon I might ache a bit tomorrow given the physical exertions of today.

One final photo of compost…this is how far down I’ve managed to get with one of the old compost bins. It pretty much looks just like dirt this low down in the stratigraphy.

The burn bin is smoking with burning wood

The burn bin is smoking with burning wood

Also in the news today…I was told by two different people that Emma is a beautiful looking dog and Mirinda reckons we should start her off in a film career.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Yes looking good I can see what you are doing, and why not she is a beautiful looking dog in fact they all are why don’t you send them all to work and then Mirinda
    can stay home with you and do her pots even though she hasn’t got her green house yet .
    Love mum xx

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