Eclipsed by clouds

There was a solar eclipse this morning at about 9:30. The only indication we had that it had happened was a slight darkening of the sky, as if a storm was gathering. This then slowly went away and the sky returned to normal. ‘Normal’ being grey and thick with cloud.

Any kind of eclipse is a rare event but it’s rarer still to actually see one in Britain. Even on the first day of spring. The second best place to see it was the Faroe Islands (where Kevin from Work has gone for a holiday) but even there it was cloudy. The best place to see was on board the International Space Station, seeing as there’s no clouds up there.

But enough eclipse-mania, the light was slowly blocked up by the fencing guys today as the palings started to be attached.

This is the same section I photographed yesterday. It looks a lot better now. I should add that the fencing guy who was scared by the giant rat yesterday, let his young worker attach the palings near the back where he believes his Arch Nemesis lives.



They also finished the small section at the front but still had the three sections behind the raised beds to finish off by the end of the day. Carl, the fencing guy, is returning tomorrow morning to finish it off for us. The dogs were a bit confused when I brought them home because they could only go outside on a lead but they adapted. They were just really, really pleased to be home and wasted little time worrying about the lead thing.

At about 4pm, Chris the Gardener turned up. Mirinda wanted to ask him about fixing the garden up a bit for us – mainly the rotten jobs I don’t really want to do. He seemed like a lovely chap and said he could do it all without a problem and at a reasonable rate. Mirinda is going to check out his references over the weekend so he can, maybe, start next week.

While they wandered around the battlefield masquerading as our garden, I was busy making choc chip cookies. The house quickly filled with the delightful scent of their cooking. I was quite happy with the result.



Mirinda rather liked them as well.

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  1. Mum says:

    What is he a man or a mouse must have been his Feminine side, ah ,The biscuits look great I bet the whole house smelt lovely. The fence looks great.
    love mum xx


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