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In a bunch! In a bunch!

Last year, at around this time, Mirinda said I should tie up the green stems of the daffs. This would improve the next spring’s output. I’d completely forgotten about it but, yes, we had a very healthy growth of daffodils … Continue reading

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Burning calories

If anyone tells you that doing housework isn’t good for you, let them know that’s bollocks. I walked around two miles today and that was just in the house. On Sunday I loaded a pedometer app onto my phone and … Continue reading

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Sideways 1 and red sticks

A cricket update: It looks like being a New Zealand win at this very early stage of the match. Going in for their second go at bat following a Kiwi score in excess of 500, English wickets tumbled and it … Continue reading


Teddy bear no more

Emma had her first haircut today. While Mirinda was sad to bid farewell to Emma’s long, thick curls, I was overjoyed at the improvement to her feet. I’m looking forward to no more mud. Day-z, of course, didn’t have her … Continue reading


Level bird bath

When Chris the Gardener dug the Chutney bed, he placed the bird bath in the middle, on top of one of the spare tiles. This was rather good as the bird bath is extremely heavy, as I have mentioned a … Continue reading

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Eclipsed by clouds

There was a solar eclipse this morning at about 9:30. The only indication we had that it had happened was a slight darkening of the sky, as if a storm was gathering. This then slowly went away and the sky … Continue reading

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Christmas prep

“Wow! It smells a lot like Christmas in here!” Said Builder Dave when he arrived to complete the extension once and for all. Today was all about cooking for Christmas. Armed with my Delia timetable and recipe book, I spent … Continue reading

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Sophie and Tom came over for lunch today. It was a pity the weather was rubbish. I managed a thorough soaking on my walk into Farnham first thing. Fortunately I wore my raincoat so it wasn’t as bad as it … Continue reading

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Guests for lunch

The pastry for the turnovers was too thin and the almond honey crust on the chicken was burnt. However, the creme brulee was, to quote Amanda, the best she’d ever had. I was very stressed first thing so, when Mirinda … Continue reading

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Mixer death

Last night we had a lovely dinner with Sally, Mark, Kate and Will. They are coming to the end of their European adventure and enjoyed our dinner last week so much that they wanted to visit us again. This time, … Continue reading

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