Finished fence and sausage rolls

Carl came round this morning, as promised, and finished the fence. Mirinda went off to guitar class so I waited with the dogs for her return.

While I waited I made sausage rolls for our lunch. I used Delia’s mother-in-law’s recipe, as I did for Christmas. They looked perfect and, by the time we had them for lunch, tasted as good as they looked.

But, back to the fence…by the time Carl had finished, had a chat with us both and packed up, we had a complete fence, once more dividing us from the Crazies’ garden. Here’s the final section behind the raised beds…


…and the long bit down the back, bisecting the holly tree…

Through the holly tree

Through the holly tree

The hot border was left in a bit of a state, leaving me with a bit of work but, otherwise, it’s all excellent. Speaking of ‘excellent’, Mirinda rang up a couple of references for the garden guy (Chris) and both people raved about him. She then rang him up to book him, hopefully, for next week. If he’s that good, he’ll probably be very busy. Fingers crossed he can come and dig our beds just off the terrace, ready for some planting.

Late in the day, we went up to the Park for a walk to the Castle and back. On the way home, we met Dave and Rodney who Emma played with maniacally. Dave told us that someone had been mugged in the ‘cow pasture’ as he called it. It’s what we call the Queen’s Bottom. Apparently the police had the chopper out looking for the perpetrator.

It seems a very odd place for a mugging. Firstly, it’s a big open space with, generally, just a few dog walkers and their dogs and, secondly, most people walking through it wouldn’t be carrying very much on them worth mugging for. I know when I walk the dogs, all I have is my key and my phone. It’s not a thoroughfare after all. Anyone heading towards the town would follow the all weather path rather than walk through a field.

I’ve checked for news reports but, so far, without any success. I’ll have to check the paper on Friday. It’s all a bit odd.

But, enough of such stuff. Here’s a photo of Emma and Day-z mid run.


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  1. Mum says:

    Looks great going to stay that colour or will you paint it. Wow that’s the first time you have said anything about muggings or any kind of stuff like that, I thought Farnham was free of Crims, Tracey said we had a couple of muggin’s in Happy Valley for me not to go there, I wont for sure.
    Love mum xxx

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