Yucky bun

Today we went and visited Lorna and Bob for morning tea and had tea and yucky bun. I’m still not 100% certain why Lorna decided to buy us yucky bun for morning tea but, regardless, it was yum.

We had a lovely time sitting on their patio area. Even though the sun was trying its best to batter me into submission, the patio remained a sanctuary of coolness and was generally quite breezy. I remember this from my last visit and was glad we didn’t go and sit in doors…where it’s not air conditioned.

We had a good long chat and then Bob said he was going to bore me by showing me the photos on his new smartphone. He has an HTC and he’s 87. He is incredibly adept at using it. Anyway, he takes it with him everywhere (which is mostly down to the beach to walk Muffet the dog) ready to snap all sorts of odd things.

He also told me how to right an overturned catamaran when the mast is buried in the mud. Though you’ll lose the mast; this is guaranteed. He is always telling me stories of his adventures on fishing trawlers and boats of many sizes. I thoroughly enjoy it.

I then bored him with the photos on my phone including the HMS Bulwark, HMS Richmond and that super yacht parked on the Thames last year. And Lorna had a sticky at photos of Emma and Day-z. Naturally.

We heard all the latest about the awful Peggy and some scandal regarding 92 year old Flo and her 75 year old fiancée – clearly he’s just after her money because, according to a shocked Lorna, he has form!

All in all, a lovely way to spend a morning. It’s great to know that Mum has such good friends. I don’t think she’ll be too lonely.

Me and the Hobbits

The rest of the day, I scanned more photos. This has been engaging me for most of this visit. So many photos I’ve never seen of people I’ve only ever heard about. Then I found a photograph of Gail and Glenn’s wedding.

At Dad’s wake (and the night before) I swore blind that I didn’t remember going to their wedding. They swore equally blind that I’d actually taken the video. Well, apparently I was there, as the photo below clearly shows.

1985? Who remembers 1985?

My deepest apologies to them both but I think I was drunk for most of the 1980’s. Also, sorry about the blue splotches on the image, but someone plonked another photo on top of this one while the ink was wet on the back. Something else that happened in 1985 I suspect…but I don’t remember.

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2 Responses to Yucky bun

  1. Mirinda says:

    Oh I thought it was some kind of fresco

  2. Mum says:

    The photos you found I didn’t know half of them were there, but glad you got most of them scanned, finish the next time you are here.
    love mum xxx


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