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Way back in 1991, while enjoying a schooner of Tooheys New in the Granville pub from where, a few years later, Bob would forget to pick me up, I could never have imagined that 29 years later I would be … Continue reading

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Yucky bun

Today we went and visited Lorna and Bob for morning tea and had tea and yucky bun. I’m still not 100% certain why Lorna decided to buy us yucky bun for morning tea but, regardless, it was yum. We had … Continue reading

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Black is in

We went to a wedding today. Mirinda’s cousin Belinda married Tim her long time friend and now husband. The weather was perfect which was a relief to the happy couple given the rotten weather we’ve been having. They are very … Continue reading

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Salad Days indeed

Back at the beginning of December, I noticed there were a lot of very positive reviews for a new production of Salad Days that was being performed at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. Way back, at the dawning of my … Continue reading

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The wedding

I’m not going to discuss the wedding that’s on tomorrow (I figure enough people will be doing that from all angles and with all sorts of agendas) so I’ll get it all out of my system today instead. This morning … Continue reading

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Lily and the Queen’s Bottom

My niece, Kelly married Ash yesterday in the most fantastic pink wedding dress. I really like pink. It’s such a joyful, playful colour. You can’t be sad when you look at pink. Well, I don’t think so, anyway. Sadly I … Continue reading

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The Wedding of Julie and Les

My brother and his partner are not the conventional type of people.  They met at a Hippie commune 23 years ago. They moved to Mitchell Island on a 20 acre property where they grew and sold Kangaroo-paw and the Christmas … Continue reading

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Farnham Food Festival

Every year there’s one. We almost went to the one this year. To be fair, we did go but we missed it. We’d spent the day working on various things (Mirinda on her DBA essay and me fiddling with software … Continue reading

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Gate Street Barn is a fantastic venue. Buried deep in the Surrey countryside, hidden away from everything yet still reasonably close to civilisation. Actually, that’s not altogether true. It’s nowhere near civilisation. It’s a wedding venue, among other things, and … Continue reading

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