After the storm

Tracey’s predicted storm finally arrived (two days late) in the early hours of this morning. I know because I was checking in on my flight while it battled and raged above the house. I thoroughly enjoyed the crashing and banging and flashes of light. I’d forgotten how intense tropical storms can be. Having checked in successfully, I almost instantly went back to sleep.

Later, over breakfast, I was royally entertained by Mum putting toothpaste on her leg thinking it was her ache cream. Lucky it wasn’t the other way around.

Most of the day was spent scanning family photos and taking a walk…finally! While still a bit sore, my foot has decided to act like a proper foot again. Mind you, it was a bit disappointing not being able to have an ice cold beer down by the beach because of the antibiotics that are coursing through my body.

Mitchie and Natalia popped round in the prevening for a chat and goodbye. Poor Mitchie has been working down at the Gold Coast and had a long trip back tonight to continue tiling in the heat.

During the day, Mum and I went shopping – her for meerkats, me for tourist tat. The heat continues plaguing me.

In the evening Mum read more of her 1988 travel journal. We had a few good laughs.

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  1. Mum says:

    You can say that again we laughed nearly all the way through, what with Pat and his tea and other daft things. At least it bought the memories of the holiday back,
    love mum xx

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