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We have the very odd situation in Farnham in that we have two Laura Ashley branches. One is in the Lion and Lamb Yard while the other is quite close to our place, near the Albion. This is rather handy because Mirinda doesn’t get on with the shop assistant in the Lion and Lamb shop. I only found this out today when we went into town to look for curtains.

Not the two branches, you understand, of course I knew about that.

Mirinda doesn’t get to go into Farnham very often so it’s always a pleasure (ignoring bad shop assistant experiences).

Our first stop was the aforementioned Laura Ashley where we went through all of their curtains to ascertain that they didn’t have the ones we wanted. Actually, they did but we didn’t know that because Mirinda’s natural sense of size recall had let her down. Strange, but true.

Mirinda then had a slight contretemps with the shop girl who had no idea her day was going to be so bad. We left the shop.

We took the opportunity of looking in India Jane, a relatively new home shop a few doors down from Laura Ashley. It’s where Orbis used to be. Which reminds me…the three bears that always hang about outside Orbis have been reduced to two – the mummy and daddy.

I noticed this the other day and figured someone must have nicked baby bear. That would be a shame because all the kids love going and giving baby bear a cuddle. (I have a photo of Tom standing next to it when he was about five.)

Then, today, mummy bear had a sign around her neck declaring that baby bear had gone on a holiday. This is a relief except I’m wondering where a baby bear can go on holiday without it’s parents. I hope baby bear is okay.

Having decided that India Jane didn’t have anything we needed to buy today (though I was sorely tempted by a model yacht), we headed across to the Maltings where there was a craft fair. While there were some beautiful pieces, we resisted the urge to take any of them home and, instead, headed back to Starbucks for a coffee.

On the way home, we popped into the other Laura Ashley where we found the curtains we needed and no shop assistants to annoy Mirinda. That’s not to say there wasn’t any shop assistants there but they were rather taken up with other customers wanting wallpaper samples and curtain pull advice.

Back at home, I put the new curtains up and so, finally, here’s the finished bedroom:


I rather like mum’s idea about making a video of the three rooms but might have to wait for a bit because it means having all three tidy at the same time.

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  1. Great you like that idea, the bedroom looks lovely love the colour.
    Love mum x


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